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Premier Dialysis was created with one goal in mind; preserving your quality of life.

We strive to educate and change the way people perform dialysis. It is our mission to empower patients so that dialysis is just a small portion of their everyday life and not something that takes up all your time. It is our goal to provide treatments that have the least amount of impact on your life.

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Get to know our three innovative alternative protocols.


Our QLPD protocol is a dextrose-free, cycler-free dialysis methodology that focuses on a patient’s quality of life recognizing that is the most important concern in a CKD patient’s kidney disease journey.

What can be expected from the QLPD approach?

– Fewer insulin requirements. Patients have seen drops in Hemoglobin A1C after starting our dextrose-free dialysis program.

– Better protection of the peritoneal membrane. Dextrose harms the membrane. It often requires more and more volume and time to achieve adequacy (Kt/V). The dextrose-free Icodextrin solution we employ helps better maintain a patient’s peritoneal membrane. We have patients at three years with NO additional dialysate requirements.

– Cycler-free treatment. Our trademarked approach was created to keep patients from requiring more aggressive forms of home dialysis. A patient’s quality of life vastly improves they’re not required to be strapped to a PD machine for 8-16 hours an evening. Not needing to schedule around dialysis helps both the patient and those they with whom they live.

– More time “to live”. Imagine only 20 minutes daily dedicated to performing dialysis (on average) with QLPD. Our medication management and innovative practices allow patients to fill for 10 minutes at night then disconnect and go spend time with friends and family. In the AM, the patient simply drains for 10 minutes and then goes about their day. No additional exchanges are required.

– Lower hospitalization rate. Although we are a young company, our results are garnering attention in a big way. Our hospitalization rate has been hovering at one-third of the national average. Our clinical staff monitors each patient remotely to keep them safe and happy at home. A patient’s labs are shared with other members of their healthcare team meaning fewer unnecessary needle sticks. No patient should be meant to feel like a pin cushion.

– Proprietary technology. Our patent-pending dialysis tray is designed to reduce infection by placing all cleaning solutions, hand sanitizers, and hold transfer sets in place so the dialysis can be performed one-handed and/or by patients with limited vision or other potential challenges.

– Proprietary app. Available at both the App Store and Google Play, our powerful app features a remote patient management (RPM) tool that reminds patients to chart. When they do chart, a nurse is notified if any vitals are outside of the normal parameters. The nurse is notified of high blood pressure, elevated temperature, or any other concerning changes in the patient’s condition.

– Maintained residual function. Consistent with our belief that patients can be receiving too much dialysis, we use medications and fluids to keep a patient’s kidneys working. That is critical as it can slow or even reduce the disease progression. This results in fewer medications like ESA (to make new red blood cells) and IV iron being needed to maintain optimal lab values. Should those be needed, we are prepared to administer them right in the patient’s home.

Should our QLPD protocol not be viable, we offer patients other innovative methodologies focused on maintaining the quality of life.

QLPD Cycler

Our QLPD Cycler protocol, a modified version of our QLPD protocol, is employed when necessary.

– Less cycler time. Our QLPD Cycler ensures less time on the cycler…just enough to achieve what’s needed for kt/v. Reduced cycler treatments help patients remain free to travel while living an almost completely normal life.

– Fewer dextrose solutions. The solutions associated with this approach are often no higher than 1.5% to help protect your peritoneal membrane.


Our QLHD (Home Hemodialysis) also focuses on maintaining a greater quality of life

– Fewer HHD days. Spending less time with hemodialysis means you can spend more time living your best life.

– Focused on your specific needs. Our process focuses on your residual urine volume to help maintain your native kidney functionality.


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