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While it’s not our first choice to have you change doctors, QLPD treatments at premier dialysis are our specialty and our doctors are experienced in this prescription model. Other doctors that haven’t been trained in this methodology tend to inhibit the process. For that reason, it’s recommended you work with our nephrologist.

With traditional peritoneal dialysis using a cycler (APD), around 40 cases arrive a month. With QLpD it’s usually 6 cases that can fit inside a closet. We often joke our dialysis is great for a New York City studio apartment because it’s so few supplies.

Each patient at Premier receives our patent pending peritoneal dialysis tray. This makes it simple for one-handed dialysis for those with weakness or low vision. If you perform dialysis in the way we educate you, you have a 2.6% of getting an infection. The national average is closer to 20%.

We aim to train for 10 days. Usually, by day 5 you completely have the jist, but safety is paramount. We never want to rush the process.

QLPD typically takes 10 minutes in the evening. (It’s gravity so hang it from the ceiling fan and it’s even faster.) In the morning you have your cup of coffee and drain for 10-20 minutes max. We will teach you how to understand your body.

We use sugar-free solutions without a cycler. Our treatment hangs on to your existing function.

Yes, we have many patient advocates. Our treatment is so special that our patients are happy to share their experiences with you.

Yes. The transition is a hands-on experience, multiple lab draws to make sure you’re always safe in this change. You will keep your current dialysis chair time at hemodialysis while we transition you to your home treatment.

No. Not one patient at Premier has the same prescription. We have to assess multiple factors to determine your personalized treatment. Your body isn’t the same as anyone else’s. Your output is different. Creating a standard treatment doesn’t take into consideration what makes you special.

We don’t want any change to your quality of life. When we meet with patients we want the same lifestyle the day you meet us to continue after you start dialysis. Dialysis should be a small portion of your life, not your whole life.

QLPD was made to provide the highest quality of life. If you want to travel, we will send supplies where you want to go. We handle that process for you. Unlike traditional hemodialysis where you must interact social worker to social worker to be assigned a chair time where you’re vacationing (and it just so happens to always be the latest least desirable chair time), we send your supplies where you are going.

No. Urine output is not required for QLPD, but it may require you to use a cycler a few times a week. Each person’s experience will be dictated by their lab results.

QLPD is performed 7 days a week. While hemodialysis makes you tired and basically burnt out for the remainder of the day, the 20-minute-a-day dialysis is less invasive and less tiring. Just think: your kidneys work 24/7. Being able to replace that with 20 minutes a day isn’t such a bad deal!

You will see your care team every month. You have a dietician, social worker, and MD visit every month just like at a standard dialysis facility.

Premier Dialysis has an app in the App Store, Google Play store, and a web-based application. Every day when you chart, any problematic vital signs or weights will instantly text the nurse in charge. We will follow up with you on your medications and trends to keep you safe. Our app allows monitoring better than a standard dialysis unit.

This program was created for you. We come to you for everything, including lab draws and monthly visits. Not having transportation shouldn’t be a reason you can’t be independent.

Myth busters:
Premier Edition

I’ll get an infection.

Our dialysis tray helps to reduce infections by keeping your transfer set, and cleaning solutions all in one safe place. The national average for infection is 20%. Premier patients are at 2.6%.

I can’t have pets.

Who doesn’t receive emotional benefits from our pets? You can have pets. Just put them away while you do connections and disconnections.

My house will become a medical facility.

False. We can set up bi-weekly deliveries if your house truly is too compact. Otherwise, everything easily fits in a closet.

Not everyone can do home dialysis.

False. Anyone and everyone can be successful at home when they are given a chance. For far too long, nephrologists and nurses have judged patients on their home and compliance with standard hemodialysis and made them EARN home dialysis. But Premier says you can do anything you want.

My doctor says I’m non-compliant and won’t be good at home.

Many times, we meet patients who people consider “non-compliant”. We take on these patients and once they are empowered to care for themselves, they succeed. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have the tools to take great care of yourself.

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