We created this company with the mission
to change the dialysis industry forever…

Most importantly, by being ultra-attentive to improving
each patient’s overall quality of life. We are doing just that.

At Premier, we recognize that no two bodies are alike. With that being said, every patient should have an individualized treatment plan. This approach results in the least possible time spent in dialysis to ensure the best quality of life possible.

  • We fight for every patient to be able to stay on home dialysis. We believe you can receive effective and successful treatment, even if another dialysis company told you differently. Premier Dialysis challenges the idea that this method of treatment can only help some people. We know it works, and we strive to make sure it works for you.
  • It’s simple to discharge people from home dialysis to reduce the workload of the healthcare team. Many dialysis facilities discharge people long before it’s time to do so. This might happen because of a lack of resources or, sadly, a lack of genuine concern. But we ensure our patients the care that they truly need and their testimonials speak for themselves!
  • We are being noticed in a big way by those with CKD and those in the industry. We are confident that our methods will cause our competition to elevate the level of care they provide to patients with kidney disease. We offer an approach to dialysis that focuses on the quality of life for our patients because your time and health matter to us.

Less time in dialysis = More time to live life

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